Upcoming Lectures (updated)

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Readers of this blog will be interested in some lectures that are scheduled for December of this year.

First RPC is sponsoring a lecture on Thursday, December 1 on the topic, “Why Reformed Protestant?” The speech will be held at the Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville, MI (3330 Highland Dr., Hudsonville, MI 49426) and will begin at 7:30pm EST. The lecture will be live-streamed on the First Reformed Protestant Church YouTube channel and on Sermon Audio. Following the lecture, there will be a Q&A period, and time for fellowship and refreshments. The lecture and Q&A will be recorded and available for viewing after the event on YouTube and Sermon Audio. These details can be found at the website as well.

(Recording of the lecture can be found here)

Berean RPC in Singapore will be sponsoring two lectures in December, also to be given by Rev. Lanning. Those details are as follows:

Speech 1: Doctrinal Developments in CERC

Date and time: 10 Dec (Sat), 10 am [Friday, 9 pm EST]

Venue: Seletar Park Residence (function room)

(Recording of this lecture can be found here)

Speech 2: The Christian School in Singapore

Date and time: 17 Dec (Sat), 10 am [Friday, 9 pm EST]

Venue: Seletar Park Residence (dining room)

Speech 3: A Response to CERC’s Charge of Schism and Deposition

(Recording of this lecture can be found here)

They will be posting details regarding the livestream on their blog, which you can find here. They ask that if you will be attending in person, that you let them know by December 4.

All are cordially invited to attend each of the lectures.