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An Open Letter

Attached here is information about the lecture tonight sponsored by the Evangelism Committee of First Reformed Protestant Church. After I posted the notice about the upcoming lectures in the United States and Singapore, I was emailed an open letter that Bernard Kok had published about ten years after the split in 1924. Although Kok wouldContinue reading “An Open Letter”

Upcoming Lectures

Readers of this blog will be interested in some lectures that are scheduled for December of this year. First RPC is sponsoring a lecture on Thursday, December 1 on the topic, “Why Reformed Protestant?” The speech will be held at the Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville, MI (3330 Highland Dr., Hudsonville, MI 49426) and will beginContinue reading “Upcoming Lectures”


The gospel of Jesus Christ exposes the hearts of men. There is a time when you can only judge men by their confessions. If they make strong confessions of the truth, quote HH enough times, and continually tell everyone how valiant they are for the truth, you believe them. And then the gospel comes. ThatContinue reading “Classis”

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