A request…

(A recent blog post by the Berean Reformed Protestant Fellowship reminded me of a project that I had previously considered, but that I now would like to set before you, the reader).

Over the last six years the answer to the controversy that has so troubled the PRC has been in plain sight.

The answer was found in the protests, appeals, and letters of the members of the denomination. In other words, the answer was found in the office of believer.

I have read many of the protests and appeals that made it to the broader assemblies. I have also read some of the protests and appeals and letters that were sent to various consistories but never made it to classis.

Those letters, protests, and appeals are beautiful. They are beautiful because they set forth the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ over against the man-centered theology that now the PRC embraces.

I have read some of the letters that members sent their consistories, admonishing the men to fulfill their responsibility to be watchmen on the walls.

I have read some of the letters that members have sent to consistories, when finally, after much effort, the members realized that their work in the PRC was done, and they requested their papers be sent to their home.

My desire is to see more of those letters, more of those protests, and more of those appeals. My desire is to see that those documents be published on its own blog post, so they can edify the reader today, but also stand as a lasting testimony to the Protestant Reformed Churches forsaking the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is to say, their forsaking of Jesus Christ himself.

I ask you to send me those letters, protests, and appeals so they can be published here. If you do not have a document yourself, but know of someone who does, please forward this post to them, and encourage them to submit it for publication.

Those documents can be emailed to astraitbetwixt@gmail.com.

Please also attend the Bible Study of the Berean Reformed Protestant Fellowship that occasioned this post. Their meeting will be held on Saturday, March 26 @ 8:00 am EST. The link for that Bible Study can be found here. They will be studying the PRC’s controversy in light of the office of believer.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death” Revelation 12:11