Response to BCPRC Consistory (Protestant Reformed Churches) (PRC

**Post written by Elder Bryan Van Baren & Elder Dewey Engelsma** The consistory of Byron Center PRC is trying to rewrite history. In a letter dated May 12, 2021, and addressed to the delegates of Classis East, the elders of Byron Center PRC take issue with several statements made in two protests, here and here,Continue reading “Response to BCPRC Consistory (Protestant Reformed Churches) (PRC”

PRC 2021 Synod Agenda (Protestant Reformed Churches) (PRC)

Here is the agenda for Synod 2021. For ease of reference, here is a link to each of the protests and appeals. Appeals: D. DeVries S. Vasquez Protests: B. Buiter K. Deemter N. Doezema T. Ferguson Brian Hilt (1) B. Hilt (2) B. Hilt (3) Les Kamps Luke Kamps A. Kingma W. Koops Rev. N.Continue reading “PRC 2021 Synod Agenda (Protestant Reformed Churches) (PRC)”

Violence (Protestant Reformed Churches)(PRC)(Hope PRC)(Grace PRC)

Amid all the turmoil that has gone on in the PRC to date, there is one thing that never gets a mention. Nothing from the pulpit. Nothing from the Standard Bearer. And nothing from the membership. There is a lot of noise about other things. Churches are now holding special lectures where ministers are makingContinue reading “Violence (Protestant Reformed Churches)(PRC)(Hope PRC)(Grace PRC)”

Separation (Protestant Reformed Churches)(PRC)

Three faithful office bearers—pastor, elder, and deacon—along with several families, have separated themselves from Crete Protestant Reformed Church with the signing of an Act of Separation and Reformation. This came in response to the unrighteous suspension of Rev. Langerak. A letter was read yesterday in PR churches explaining this separation.   Announcements of this natureContinue reading “Separation (Protestant Reformed Churches)(PRC)”

Repentance (Protestant Reformed Churches)(PRC)

One thing has been true over the last five years. Classis East has consistently been wrong on the doctrinal issue plaguing the PRC. This is evidenced by how many times they have had to declare they “erred.” But the real question is not whether they have admitted error. The question is, are they sorry forContinue reading “Repentance (Protestant Reformed Churches)(PRC)”

City to City (Protestant Reformed Churches)(PRC)

The Protestant Reformed Churches have a discipline problem. They discipline the righteous. The announcement on Sunday morning regarding the suspension of Rev. Nathan Langerak brings up a few questions. Ask yourself, why is it, that of all the ministers who have been forced out of the PRC in the last four years, the teacher ofContinue reading “City to City (Protestant Reformed Churches)(PRC)”

COVID (Protestant Reformed Churches) (PRC)

Pressure from the rest of the denomination started months before the deposition. It started with Byron’s response to COVID. Although some in the church world are now giving good, godly advice in articles and books about the proper response to COVID, early on that was not the case. As churches, the PRC floundered. It wasn’tContinue reading “COVID (Protestant Reformed Churches) (PRC)”

Hypocrisy (Protestant Reformed Churches) (PRC)

Rev. Lanning was deposed, we are told, because he did not follow the church-orderly way of protest and appeal. It was not doctrine! It was behavior! What exactly did he do that warranted the charge of schism? Rev. Lanning was deposed because he was said to have charged men with sin from the pulpit ratherContinue reading “Hypocrisy (Protestant Reformed Churches) (PRC)”